A gift for Neringa – images of the scanned city and a movie night
2017 11 22

“A Study of Neringa and the Curonian Spit” is a surreal video compliment for this locality by the artists Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys in collaboration withthe music composer Pijus Džiugas Meižis. The city, which consists of the Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila and Nida settlements, aswell as the entire Curonian Spit region, is a dynamic reservoir of different times and events, a place where cultural and social change takes place and tourism flourishes, alternating with calm off-season life happens. In this subtle video interpretation, architectural, sculptural, natural and human-made objectsmerge into a single abstract composition that emphasizes the Curonian Spit’s inhabitants’ unity with nature and the necessity to protect and cherish this unique region.
The fellows of this year’s Neringa City Municipality’s scholarship and Nida Art Colony’s residents present this work as a part of their larger artistic project, “City Studies”. This project employsphotogrammetry, a way of scanning static objects by taking an array of photos and combining them with the aid of digital technology to create a 3D textured virtual object. By editing the objects with 3D software, introducing elements of the glitch aesthetics, and stitching together building facades, the artists form a surreal and spectral perspective of the urban landscape. They have only partial control over its creation, as it is the technology itself thatgeneratesdifferent scales, angles, glitches and the overall aesthetic code.
Videos and digital prints, which are the end results of this partly self-generating projet, transport the viewer into an altered reality. Since matter is inherently divisible, old and new, digital and analogue, virtuality and actuality are intertwined in this virtual city tour.
The artists want to thank the participants of the traditional photography plein-air held by the Lithuanian Society for the Physically Disabled, who contributed tothe development of the project.