All travelers to Neringa will soon be able to buy ferry tickets online.
2019 03 22

Now, in the mobile application "" tickets can only be purchased by pedestrians and cyclists. The state-owned company Smiltynė Ferry is planning to implement an online ticketing system - the company announced its contest for the developer this week. Once the system is created, tickets will be available for purchase in the mobile application or on the website "The client will need to create their own user profile containing e. Banking or other payment platforms will be able to buy not only tickets, but also to view the purchase history and so on, ”said Smiltyne Ferry. Tenders are pending until March 26th and when e. the ticket system will be completed, it will be clear after the system has been tested and its smooth operation. Smiltynė ferry in 2017 created a mobile application "", it offers timetables, price lists, real-time to see when the ferry departs or arrives, where passengers can buy a ticket without cars.