Birdwatching Rally "Curonian Lagoon 2016"
2016 10 14

Birdwatching Rally "Curonian Lagoon 2016" will be organized in Nemunas delta on the 14-16st of October, 2016.
Birdwatching Rally is an international birdwatchers' competition organized by Lithuanian Ornithological Society since 2000. It is a team competition based on looking for bird species in the selected territory, which covers whole Baltic coastal area of Lithuania. This is the largets birdwatching event in terms of the number of the participants in the Baltic region. Birdwatchers from 11 countries have participated in the competition during previous years already. The teams of participants compete with each other in order to record as many bird species as possible not only from their appearance, but also from their voices within a fixed period of time.