Electromobile charging access will be provided in Neringa
2018 10 22

Neringa Municipality develops infrastructure for electric vehicles with a focus on promoting less polluting transport.
The measures to promote the use of electric cars are also provided by the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility of the Municipality of Neringa. In implementing the solutions of this document, two large-capacity electric vehicle charging stations will be installed during the project "Development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Neringa" implemented by the administration of Neringa Municipality.
During the project, two charging access points for electric cars will be installed - one in Nida and one in Juodkrante. At each stop you can charge two cars. The electric charging station in Nida will be located next to the existing car park located at Taikos g. 45. In Juodkrante - near the marina parking lot located at L. RÄ—zos g.
Persons who come to Neringa only with electric vehicles are exempted from the local toll for entry. Since last summer, the opportunity to charge an electric car has been set up on the site near the port of Nida.
Five years after the completion of the project, it will be possible to charge for free electricity charging at the stops. In addition, next to them will be equipped and specially marked parking places for electric cars.
It is expected that the measures implemented during the project will encourage Neringa residents and guests to use electric cars more and reduce the number of cars using conventional fuel. This will not only reduce air pollution, but also the level of noise caused by transport.