Guest from Milan confirmed: "Italian scenery" is truly Italian
2017 06 23

Stefano Ferri, representative of one of Italy's largest e-magazine's "Quality Travel", visited Neringa. During this visit, the journalist collected information about the possibilities of MICE tourism in Lithuania, paying particular attention to the potential of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Neringa and Birštonas.
Stefano Ferri visited the most popular tourist destinations in Neringa: Parnidis dune, Nagliai strict nature reserve, Nida lighthouse, Nida old town, Amber gallery - museum, Thom Mann memorial museum with "Italian Cenery". By the way, we received confirmation from the Italian living in Milan: the panorama, opening from the Uošvė hill to the lagoon - "The Italian View" - is truly Italian. According to the guest, it really reminds the northwest region of Italy – Liguria, which is famous for its 400 km-long seaside with teeth-shaped crests, sandy lofts, vegetation and special diffused light.
During the visit, the journalist also got acquainted with the possibilities of MICE tourism at the resort, inspected the venue of Nida art colony and tried one of the tourist attractions - "Blokart" wind sailing at the beach.