Nida A-I-R in March 2018
2018 03 06

Spring greetings at Nida Art Colony with new residents: Lynette Smith (AU), Anne Glassner (AT), Marta Forsberg (SE), and Katherine Behar (US) !
Lynette Smith (AU) (b. 1971) completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 1995 and went on to do postgraduate study in linguistics and philosophy at the University of Melbourne in the 2000s. Her practice circles around the question of how we find meaning in things. It includes drawing, the moving image, books and writing for voice. Lynette has exhibited in public, private and artist-run galleries since 2000 and has been invited to residencies in the United States and Lithuania. In 2004‒2005 she was on the board of West Space, an artist-run space in Melbourne.
During the residency in VAA Nida Art Colony Lynette will collect video and audio from the dune for new work about the shifting grounds of our interpretations.
Anne Glassner (AT) (b. 1984) is an in Vienna based visual artist who works with performance, installation, video, and drawing. Anne received a master degree in Fine Arts (Painting), University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2016 and in Arts and Communication in Vienna in 2008. Her work is mostly process based, collaborative and site specific. Most of her actions take place in public space. There are often reactions and comments on social processes or interactions with the environment. A lot of her works are concerned with the topic of sleep. Three years ago she started doing „Sleep Performances“ in different locations. Her personal interest in consciousness, lucid dreaming and silence is transformed in her works.
During the residency Anne will continue her research and artistic work with her body on sleep, awareness, and silence. She plans to work on performance, interventions, and drawing.
Marta Forsberg (SE) is a Swedish composer, sound artist and violinist working in the field of installation art, drone music and free improvisation. Dedicated to creating an immersive environment, Forsberg’s work extends the sensory realm through multichannel expansion and via light sculptures ‒ a sonic visualization. In 2016 she finished her Bachelor in Electroacoustic Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
Marta Forsberg plans to create several new light and sound installations during her residency in VAA Nida Art Colony.
Menininkės Katherine Behar (US) (US) videos, performances, interactive installations, and writings explore gender and labor in contemporary digital culture. Her work has been presented at festivals, galleries, museums, and performance spaces throughout North America and Europe. She is based in Brooklyn and is associate professor of new media arts at Baruch College, CUNY.
During the residency Katherine will develop a project on drones, environmental sensing, and nonhuman sense. The new works will include performative video, sculpture, and writing. The artist will set geometric shapes in contrast with organic oceanic and rock formations and will record her environmental interactions as she explores and engages with Nida’s landscape.
Author: Nidos Meno kolonija