Nida Culture and Tourism information centre „Agila“ participates in EU project CATCH - Coastal Angling Tourism - a development chance for the South Baltic Region
2017 02 04

Coastal angling tourism offers a unique development chance for the South Baltic Region, even outside the holiday season. It is a new touristic trend and offers diversification of coastal tourism with promising market opportunities.
Against this background, CATCH will increase the capability of coastal communities to establish sustainable angling tourism and will deliver improved best practice measures for touristic providers. All gained knowledge will be combined in an information platform on sustainable coastal angling tourism including helpful information for anglers and tourists on a cross-border level.
Project duration: July 2016 - June 2019
Total budget: € 1 596 700,47
European Regional Development Fund: € 1 327 205,24
Project partners:
University of Rostock, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research (Germany)
EUCC - Coastal Union (Germany)
Green Federation GAJA (Poland)
Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre "Agila" (Lithuania)
Klaipėda University (Klaipėda)
Municipality of Vordingborg (Denmark)