Stintapukis Feast Program
2018 01 17

2018 February 2-4, Neringa, Nida
February 2-4. Festive menu "Stintapūkio keliu": special fish dishes by Neringa cafes and restaurants, offered for Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast (on a separate map)
February 3-4th Baltic Ice-Blokart Championship (more info:
Friday, February 2
from 15.30 till 18:00, Interactive game for the big and small "Get around and know the Curonian Spit" (Visitor Center of the Curonian Spit National Park, Naglių St. 8, Nida)
19.00 Presentation of the collection of archeological costumes from the Lithuanian National Cultural Center, designer - Danutė Keturakienė (Nida CTIC "Agila", Taikos St. 4)
February 3, Saturday
"Nida Spoon 2018" fishing competition (more info:
from 11.00 until 4 pm "Stinta puk!": Sauna fun on the pier next to the UNESCO monument
from 11.00 until 17:00 "Stintapukio gardumynų alėja": sale of smelts and other fish (Naglių street)
12:00 Opening of the festival (scene on Naglių street)
from 12.00 till 15.00 "You can not catch fish sleeping in the bed ": fun sports, games for the whole family with ethnologist Jonas Kavaliauskas (Naglių street)
from 12.00 until 4 pm "Axe porridge": Presentation of a borderguard's profession, demonstration of equipment, tasting of porridge (Naglių street)
from 12.00 until 4 pm The project "Tabalai": musicians will invite those who want to try music playing with tabalai and other non-traditional instruments; during the festival, the thematic Stintapūkio composition (Naglių street) is periodically performed.

"Sveikolių takas"(Path of the healthy)
• from 12:00 until 4 pm "Let's Get Healthy with Herbs": Danutė Kunčienė, President of the Academy of Herbalists, teaches how to make spice for fish and tea from the needles of pine, spruce, juniper (Naglių street)
• from 12:00 until 4 pm "Hot Stone Therapy": working with natural means of Neringa: stones, sand, lead by Dalia Tarvydienė (Naglių street)
• 12.30 "Exercise for blood and lymph flow ", led by Ilona Ugintė (stage in Naglių street)
• from 13:00 Active leisure activities for the whole family with Neringa Sport School team (Naglių street)
• from 13:00 until 4 pm "Without sin": tasting of vegan delicacies, led by Ilona Ugintė (Naglių street)
• 13.30 Ladies' Line Dance Group "Dorė" dance lesson, supervisor - Jurgita Survilienė (scene on Naglių street)
13.00 Awards of the "Nida Spoon 2018" fishing competition (Scene on Naglių Street)
13.10 "Pūkis pasipūtės pamokėna šokti": presentation of fishermen's customs and traditions with folklore ensemble "Giedružė", folk dance lessons with folk dance group "Kalnapušė" (scene on Naglių street)
13.45 Concert " Vai linksmai plaukia": performances by folk ensembles "Radvija" (Radviliškis), and "Joldija" (Nida) (scene on Naglių street)
from 13:00 till 15.00 Educational - creative lessons about fishermen's life, led by Edita Anglickaitė-Beržinskienė (Nida Fisherman's Ethnographic Homestead, Naglių St. 4)
from 13:00 till 15.00 "Creative Kite Workshop", led by the masters of the club " Lietuvos aitvarų judėjimas" (Neringa sports school, Naglių St. 4)
from 13:00 till 15.00 Caricature drawings by cartoonist Ramūnas Vaitkus (Naglių street)
14.30 Traditional "bumbinimas" demonstration: depending on the weather, the demonstration will be performed on the Curonian Lagoon or on the pier next to the UNESCO monument. Performed by Neringa fishermen and narrated by ethnologist Jonas Kavaliauskas
15.00 "Kite feast": launch of self-made kites in the Neringa sky with the team of Meeting place - at Neringa Sports School (Naglių Str. 4)
NIDOS CTIC "AGILA", Taikos str. 4, Neringa, Nida
from 13:00 "Bestiarium Workshops": creative education by Lithuanian Sea Museum.
from 2 pm until 4 pm Creative Crochet Workshop "Blanket for Europe"
from 2 pm until 4 pm "Healthy like radish." Aromatherapy recipes that protect against diseases
20:00 "Keymono" group concert
4 February, Sunday
12:00 Klaipėda Puppet Theater Performance "Miraculous Cinderella Time", dir. G. Radvilavičiūtė (Nida CTIC "Agila", Taikos St. 4)
Organizers reserve the right to change the program in case of unfavorable weather conditions.