The first mass “Proenzi ArthroStop“ walking competition in Nida!
2016 08 02

This is the first mass “Proenzi ArthroStop“ walking competition in Nida. With this initiative we are trying to promote physical activity in society (at least 15 minutes of daily movement). Participation is free.
Competition track
The length of the track is 15 000 steps (about 11,5 km).
There will be 3 parts of the track:
“Melt Water Kids“ track – 5 thousand steps
“Sip Sap“ track – 10 thousand steps.
““ track – 15 thousand steps.
Date, time, place
“Proenzi ArthroStop“ walking competition will start on August 13th at 12:00 in Nida, next to Nida armchair.
There will be no age limits.
Event organizer is not responsible for the health of participants.
Only parents are responsible for their children during the event.
The organizer is not responsible for any damages, whatsoever, that the participant may suffer as a result of his or her participation.
The participant declares that he or she is aware of the fact that participation is only possible in good health, in both the mental and physical sense.
With registration to the event, every participant authorises, that he or she gives all the rights to use still and moving images in which he or she appears for marketing purposes without additional permission of the participant.
When you will reach 5 000 steps, there will be an opportunity to leave your children in the active zone and continue the competition. Those parents who would like to leave their children in that zone should complete a registration form and wait for the approval given by organizers. It will cost 2 euros for one kid.
Special conditions
You can register using only your name.
It is necessary to safely secure your bib number to the front of your shirt. It is not allowed to cut the number, fold it in half or modify it in any other form.
Everybody will be awarded with medals. Also there will be awarded the youngest and the oldest participants. The biggest family, a team or an organization will be awarded as well.
Competition package
You will be able to pick the participant number in Vilnius and Nida.
Klaipėda: August 10-11th in Gintarinė Vaistinė at H.Mantas st. 90 („Studlentas“), 9:00-20:00 h.
Nida: August 13th (Saturday) at the registration tent, 10:00-12:00 AM
Free registration and more information:
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