The tricolor on the ferry is included in the record book
2019 03 22

The Factum Agency has included a huge Lithuanian tricolor in the Lithuanian Book of Records, which has been expanded on the Smiltynė ferry by Nida. Record registrants have confirmed that this is the first time in a country's history that a flag of this size has been launched.
The national flag on the ferry was first launched this year to commemorate the day of restoration of the Lithuanian state. The 91.26 m², 16.9 m long and 5.4 m wide tricolor is placed on the ferry Nida, flying between the Old Ferry (Northern Horn) and Smiltyn. With this exclusive project, Smiltynė Perkela mentioned the beginning of the second century of the restored country.
“Ferries are an integral part of the port city. They provide the necessary connection with the Curonian Spit and are visited by hundreds of people every day. In the summer, this figure is even more so when holidaymakers start flowing to the seaside.
The original idea did not go unnoticed and rampant. People shared flag images on social networks, and foreign guests have repeatedly asked the company staff about the occasion. The biggest flag of the ship will be raised during all public holidays. Thus, not being able to see and photograph it, will be able to do it already on July 6, the day of the State (King of Lithuania Mindaugas Coronation).