Winners of the annual photo contest awarded in Nida
2017 09 10

On the 9th of September, the last day of 40th traditional international photojournalists' seminar "NIDA 2017", the best authors of the annual photo contest, held during the event, were awarded.
This year, 47 photographers have submitted their works to the competition organized by the Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center "Agila", together with the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. In this competition, the authors not only sought for the the main prize, but also took the photographs for the competition in four thematic categories: "Holiday emotion", "Neringa architectural elements", "UNESCO Neringa - an exceptional work of man and nature" and "Conceptual presentation of Neringa though photography".
Best author of the each category was awarded a prize, awarded by the organizers of the competition - Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center "Agila" and the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. This year's winners in the thematic categories were Ainius Baltakis, Jurateė Čiakienė, Dainius Stubrai, Linas Žemguliai, Saulius Žiūra.
The main prize winner, Liutauras Domeika, presented to the colleagues and members of the commissionan impressive series of photographs titled "Convergence". All photos of the series were finished without any post-production, thus demonstraded unique and authentic spirit of the event venue. The winner received the main prize, SONY α7 E full-frame camera. A few weeks later, on the World Tourism Day, a series of photographs will be reminiscent of the postcards that will come from Neringa with the wishes to the whole world.
A young photographer Vytautas Krakauskas was awarded a special prize. The photo series "was created on the occasion of the 40th seminar. The photos show the places in Nida, where previous workshops took place. Speaking with the participants of the early workshops, I noticed that the memories were a little faded, blurry, I tried to convey it in the series created. The only vivid stamp is the place where the seminar is taking place now," - Vytautas revealed.
This annual photo competition takes place every year during the traditional international photojournalists' seminar in Nida. Year after year, it not only brings a spirit of competition to it's guests, but also helps to reveal young photographers or any yet unknown participants of the event.