National park information

Kuršių nerija national park visiting rules

In the national park it is prohibited

  • Driving away from the hard road coverings (paving asphalt, concrete or macadam), to park motor vehicles at the places not intended for that.
  • Putting up tents and making a fire in places not intended and equipped for that.
  • Leaving auto caravans and car trailers in the parking places longer than for 3 hours.
  • Damaging vegetation (rare plants, the forest floor, bushes, trees), catching and injuring animals, damaging their environment.
  • Walking, going down from the dunes, climbing them or damaging them in any other way in Grobšto (Gliders’ Dune) and Naglių (Grey Dunes) natural reservations and in Parnidis Landscape Reserve (Dune of Parnidis).
  • Damaging seashore protective dune crest fortification.
  • Visiting in the Grobšto (Gliders’ Dune) and Naglių (Grey Dunes) strict nature reserves, except bicycle road and cognitive path in Naglių strict nature reserve, arranged from the parking place on the 31th km of the road Smiltynė - Nida.
  • Polluting environment, damage road, informative and other signs and devices, throwing down cigarette ends and matches and other inflammable and environment polluting materials.
  • Making noise, scaring off birds in the process of their breeding and migration, destroying nests.
  • Paragliding, using hot air balloons or skiing in the Naglių and Grobštas strict nature reserves’ dunes and the Parnidis landscape reserve’s dunes.
  • Walking dogs without dog-leads and muzzles.
National park visitors' rights

It is allowed to attend Nagliu and Grobsto natural reservations only by marked pedestrian and bicycle paths specially designed for that. Only individuals who have obtained the allowance of the Administration of the National Park according to the order established or those doing their duties – inspectors, officers of the territories under protection, employees of the Administration of the National Park are allowed to attend the entire reservations’ territory.
Kuršių nerija national park Nida visitors centre
Address: Naglių g. 8, Neringa, Nida
Tel. +370 469 51256
Working hours on summer season:
II-VI 9:00-18:00 (lunch 12:00-12:45)
Working hours off season:
I-V 8:00-17:00 (lunch 12:00-12:45)
Visitors' centre:
  • Provides information about Kuršių nerija national park
  • Distributes park (s) Visitors tickets
  • Organizes cognitive, study tours in the areas exclusive and sensitive to human impact (Grobštas and Nagliai nature reserves)
  • Organizes cognitive and specialized nature excursions on the spit
  • Organizes thematic educational programs for children
  • Distributes publications, maps and souvenirs, park tickets.
Administration of Kuršių nerija national park
Address: Naglių g. 8, Neringa, Nida
Tel./fax +370 469 51224