Guests of Neringa resort are invited to relax in white sandy beaches on the coast the Baltic sea. Beaches are equipped in every village, there they can sunbathe, swim, play sports or choose other leisure time ways. Since 2002 Nida and Juodkrantė beaches (at first only Nida beach) were awarded by the Blue Flag. This award is given to the beaches that meet the highest requirements of environmental protection and quality of service. Beaches water quality is constantly checked, beaches are regularly cleaned by collecting and removing rubbish. Beaches are equipped with necessary recreational infrastructure: stairs to reach the beach, benches, changing cabins, children's playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, fresh water taps, toilets. The outdoor cafes are situated next to the beach of each settlement. Beaches are equipped with ramps for people with disabilities. Nida central lifeguard station is provided with wheelchair for disabled people to reach the beach. Beaches are free of charge.
Neringa beaches:
Nida common beach
Nida ladies beach
Nida nude beach
Nida pets beach
Preila common beach
Preila ladies beach
Preila pets beach
Pervalka common beach
Pervalka ladies beach
Pervalka pets beach
Juodkrantė common beach
Juodkrantė ladies beach
Juodkrantė gentlemen beach
Juodkrantė pets beach
Professional lifeguards guaranty the safety of the people in the beach. Lifeguards are on duty at:
Nida little lifeguard station June 1 - August 31 I-VII 9:00-19:00
Nida central lifeguard station June 1 - August 31 I-VII 8:00-20:00
Nida northern lifeguard station June 1 - August 31 I-VII 9:00-19:00
Juodkrantė central lifeguard station, June 1 - August 31 I-VII 8:00-20:00
Preila lifeguard station June 1 - August 31 I-VII 9:00-19:00
Pervalka lifeguard station June 1 - August 31 I-VII 9:00-19:00
First medical aid is provided at the lifeguards’ stations. When lifeguards are on duty the two colored (red and yellow) flag is raised over the station. If yellow flag is raised - it is dangerous to swim. Raised red flag means, that swimming in strictly prohibited.
You can contact lifeguards by phone:
In Nida tel. +370 469 52609, mob. +370 657 24411
In Juodkrantė tel. +370 469 53160, mob. +370 657 10011
In Preila tel. +370 469 55145, mob. +370 657 30022
In Pervalka mob. +370 657 16166
Beach rules and regulations:
  • Do not litter, throw rubbish only into the trash bin, sort the waste.
  • Do not damage vegetation, do not destroy protective dune crest fortification.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not swim in the sea with air mattresses.
  • Kitesurfing in the beach area is prohibited.
  • Do not fly professional kites.
  • Sports and other active games can be played only in the active recreational zones marked by special signs.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the zones, marked by special signs.
  • While swimming on paddleboard (SUP) is obligatory to wear a lifejacket.
  • Visiting with dogs and other pets is allowed only in designated areas of the beach.