Nature trails

Cognitive dendrologic path (Juodkrante)

16 stops are on the path, in which you will find stands with descriptions, pictures and photos of trees.
Cognitive dendrologic path

Cognitive path of Nagliai strict nature reserve

Get acquainted with the Nagliai strict nature reserve and its protected features on a special 1.1 km interpretative path.
Visiting hours:
17 may - 17 June 9 AM - 7 PM.
15 June - 18 August 9 AM- 8 PM.
19 August - 22 September 9AM - 7 PM.
Entrance fee - 2 EUR.
Nida - SmiltynÄ— road

Parnidis cognitive path

While walking this 1,8 km path, you will be acquaint to Curonian spit nature and history. Also you will visit one of the most beautiful and famous - Parnidis dune.
Southern part of Nida