Amateur fishing

Curonian Lagoon and Klaipeda Channel are the best places for amateur fishing. Prevalent fish species here are: bream, perch, pike-perch, roach, vimba etc. In spring, fishermen go for the Baltic herring in Klaipeda Channel. Ice-fishing is very popular in our region. This is the best way to catch burbot and smelt.
Fishermen from boats in the Baltic Sea catch plaices, Baltic herrings, Baltic cods and turbots.
Fishing by any mean is allowed in the Curonian Lagoon up to 500 m from the shore with a special permission issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment (except angling from the shore). Only angling from the shore and ice-fishing are allowed at night. State border police permission is obligatory for fishing in the Baltic Sea and waters on the state border. It is allowed to catch up to 5 kg of fish per fisherman a day.
Amateur fishing in the park is defined by Lithuanian Amateur Fishing Rules.
Amateur fishing permits can be purchased in:

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre "Agila" is implementing the project funded by European Union "Coastal angling tourism - a development chance for the South Baltic Region" (CATCH). During the project activities an international information platform was created which provides information on amateur fishing in the South Baltic Region:
  • Fish species;
  • Angling spots;
  • Angling methods;
  • Fishing seasons;
  • Fishing guides;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Permits and laws;
  • Other services